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31 October. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Heliot and Co., Marquetry text added

26 October. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Ron Resch folded structure, 'Bar-Bell Yellow' pictures and text added

19-20 October. 'M. C. Escher - Apparel'. A new page, on the use of Escher imagery on a variety of clothing and fabrics
11 October. 'The Tessellations of  Alain Nicolas'. Revised, expanded and updated

5 October. Cluster Puzzles - Non-Titled Animal Puzzle text and pictures added

27 September. Cluster Puzzles - Tonnema text and pictures added

22 September. Where is... C. H. A. Broos added

20 September. Cluster Puzzles - Kolibri text and pictures added

14 September. Tessellation Artists. Update and revision, with new analyses and tables

11 September. Where is... Peter S. Stevens added

6 September. Cluster Puzzles - Portland Puzzle Co text and pictures added

31 August. Cluster Puzzles - MC Felix text and pictures added

24 August. Cluster Puzzles - RSPCA logo by Harrison Agency amended

22 August. Cluster Puzzles - '3 Toys' text and pictures added

15 August. Cluster Puzzles - RSPCA logo by Harrison Agency

8 August. Pavement Tessellations - Dushanbe, Tajikistan

1 August. Pavement Tessellations -  York, United Kingdom

28 July. Cairo Tiling - Miscellaneous, wine racks, by Grassi Pietre, architects, for Zýmē Winery, San PietroItaly, text and pictures added 

27 July. Cairo Tiling - Miscellaneous, chair, by Monsieur Meuble, text and pictures added 

21 July. The Tessellations Of ... - Revision and extension of the introduction to the artist essays
14 July. Cairo Tiling - Miscellaneous, p
entagonal tiled canopy, Toronto, Canada text and pictures added 

7 July. Cluster Puzzles - Precursors, Yoshifuji Utagawa text and pictures added

4 July. Cluster Puzzles - Precursors, John Sloan, 'The Blackbird Puzzle' text and pictures added

30 June. Cluster Puzzles - Precursors, two uncertain newspaper accounts

29 June. Cluster Puzzles - The Suitcase Puzzle text and pictures added

22 June. Cluster Puzzles - Jacobus Hendrik Schoonderbeek text and picture, of a wholesale addition and rewrite

9 June. Cairo Tiling - Miscellaneous, Kimono by Moriguchi Kunihiko

24 May. Cluster Puzzles - Mary Porter text and picture added

22 May. Cluster Puzzles - Hugh Jones text and picture added
16 May. Parquet Deformations - Werner Van Hoeydonck text and picture added
15 May. Cluster Puzzles - Ann S. Trageser  text and picture added
10 May. Cluster Puzzles - Mme. Trias and Angel Lescarboura text and picture added

21 April. Cluster Puzzles - Arnold G. Dana text and picture added

11 April. Cluster Puzzles - Elspeth Eagle-Clarke text updated and essentially entirely re-written
6 April. Cluster Puzzles 
Mark Dixon Dodd biographical detail and general updating added
4 April. 
M. C. Escher - Newspapers. Major update, with Netherlands references
30 March. Cluster Puzzles - chronological listing updated

29 March. Cluster Puzzles - An en masse patent listing added

21 March. Tessellation Artists - A new page, of a simple listing of the world's tessellation artists

20 March. Cairo Tiling - The first picture of the designer, Ramzy Omar!

7 March. Cluster Puzzle - Simplex entry updated, with George Escher commentary, and minor clarifications overall

28 February. M. C. Escher - Newspapers. A major new page, with a compilation of Escher references in newspapers
23 February. Cairo Tiling - Kenneth Peel torus text and picture added

21 February. Cluster Puzzles - Philip Gell text and pictures added

14 February. Where is... - Philip Gell added

2 February. Cluster Puzzles - Estrela text and pictures added

24 January. Cluster Puzzles - Aymara Indians, text only added

19 January. Pavement Tessellation, Azerbaijan, by Huseyneli Huseyneliev

16 January. Where Is... -  'Croton' (Cairo tiling) added

12 January. Cluster Puzzles - Craig Veser pictures and text added

11 January. Cluster Puzzles - Art For Kids text added

10 January. Cluster Puzzles - Geni Funware puzzle added

9 January. Cluster Puzzles - Hayley Ho and Thomas Guest text and pictures added

6 January. My Library - Annual update

2 January. Cluster Puzzles - Rob Reger, 'Emily the Strange' text and pictures added

23 December. Cluster Puzzles - Dave Janelle, of Creative Craftshouse text minor revision, and update of format

22 December. Cluster Puzzles - Mirim Seo text added
20 December. Where Is... - Jane and Bill Leach added

19 December. Cluster Puzzles - Denitsa Krapova text and pictures added

14 December. Cluster Puzzles - Angiolo Logi entry completely revised, with substantial new text and pictures

2 December. Cluster Puzzles - Debi McGary text and pictures added

30 November. Parquet Deformation - A wholesale revision of the references, greatly expanded and revised
28 November. Cluster Puzzles - 
Michèle Wilson text and pictures added
2 November. Cluster Puzzles - John Wright Company text updated in the light of finding the designer, Barbara Stork
28 October. Where Is.... A new page, on trying to find tessellation people
19 October. Cluster Puzzles - Francesc Crous
 and Alessandro Calogero text and pictures added

12 October. Cluster Puzzles - Johan Olin text and pictures added

4 October. Cluster Puzzles - Ray Delgadillo text and pictures added

29 September. Cluster Puzzles - Anna Powell text and pictures added
28 September. Pavement Tessellations - ZakopanePoland. More pictures and details as to the exact place
8 September. Cairo Tiling - Miscellany. Bretzel Love Cafe chair added
18 August. Cluster Puzzles - Yana Skaler added
1 August. Pavement Tessellations. Heidelberg
6 June. Cairo Tiling - The designer and a patent has been found! An 'Engineer, Brigadier Ramzi Omar'. More details to follow

2 June. Cluster Puzzles - Donald Grundy picture and text added

26 MayCluster Puzzles - Götz-Peter Reichelt pictures and text added

4 May. Cluster Puzzles - Art Originals/Yameda puzzles added

4 AprilCluster Puzzles - Jim Fambrough discussion and pictures added

8 AprilCluster Puzzles - Rochester Folk Art Guild text added

31 March. Cluster Puzzles - Rochester Art Guild pictures added
29 March. Cluster Puzzles - Plexus Puzzles added
21 March. Cluster Puzzles - Pacific Puzzle Company added
15 March. Cluster Puzzles - Art Nugent text added
14 March. Cluster Puzzles - Faux Cluster puzzles. Section noticeably expanded and illustrated for the first time
8 March. Essay 20 - Best in Class. Paul Hannah added
1 March. Cluster Puzzles - George Luck section greatly expanded

29 February. My library (annual update)
26 February. Cluster Puzzles - Oswaldo Rosales - Venezuela and USA added
10 February. Cluster Puzzles - Simplex Animal-Mosaic and Animal (sic) puzzle by Studio DUNN added
25 January. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Le Noeud Papillon, of Sydney, Australia

6 December: Cluster Puzzles - 'University Craftsmen Inc'. added.
22 September: Cairo Tiling - Old Cataract Hotel. A new dating, now of 1982, and likely 1974
16 September: M. C. Escher Cover Art - Music. A new section
19 August: Pavement Tessellations – Iceland
5 August: M. C. Escher Cover Art - Books and Articles. A conclusion of 130 new covers added, text revised and expanded
8 July: Cluster Puzzles. Mark D. Dodd text
1 July: Cluster Puzzles. Angiolo Logi text
18 June: Cluster Puzzles - A general reorganisation with a chronological ordering and updating
17 June: Cairo Tiling - Miscellany. Penta-graphene discovery
7 May: M. C. Escher Cover Art. A major update to the initial instance of 25 February, with 48 new covers
25 February: M. C. Escher Cover Art. A new page, with examples of Escher's artwork as cover art, to begin with, book and article covers
9 February: Library - My library page, with its 'annual' yearly update, a little delayed this year....
1 February: Cairo Tiling - First Photographs, the earliest confirmed instance yet, at the Galaa club in Heliopolis, of 1957!
29 January: Cairo Tiling - First Photographs, the earliest confirmed instance yet, at Suez, of 1967!
14 January: Cairo Tiling - Video. Footage of ex-President Anwar Sadat with Cairo tiling, of 1981!

30 December: Cairo Tiling - Notable Sightings - El Alamein War Museum updating, with John Gluth's details, of likely a 1992 installation
29 December: Cluster puzzles - Commercial puzzles by Benho, Selecta and Shackman
24 December: Pentagon Tilings 2 - Bailey 10-13, Pentagon workhouse
16 December: Pavement Tessellations - Morocco, Marrakech
12 December: Pavement Tessellations - Nigeria, Lagos
7 November: Pentagon Tilings 2 - Pentagon tilings inspired by H. C. Moore
3 October: Architecture - Crystal Orange Hotel, Beijing, China
19 September: Cairo Tiling - Architecture, Clarion Hotel The Edge pictures
18 September: Cluster Puzzles - Satirical Maps
17 September: Best in Class - A wholesale revision, with a rewrite of the text and many more categories than previously, and links to pictures
16 September: Cluster Puzzles - Jack Zylkin
9 September 4: Cluster Puzzles - Shigeru Kobayshi
14 July: Cluster Puzzles - 'Tozzwoods' added
10 July: Cairo Tiling - References - Added references by Moore (1909, the earliest yet!) and Odier
9 July: Cluster Puzzles - Added patent pictures of Clerc, Godinet, Graham and Stevens
26 June: Cluster Puzzles - 'Fat Punk Studio' added
22 May: Developments pages amalgamated as a single page for the sake of succinctness; more Bobby Bogl artworks added to cluster page
14 May: Hypermorphic pages amalgamated as a single page for the sake of succinctness
8 May: Penrose tiling pages amalgamated as a single page for the sake of succinctness
17 April: Parquet Deformations - A change of presentation, with all material now on a single page, and additional text
11 April 4: Pavement Tessellations - ‘Baldosa de Bilbao’ (Tile of Bilbao)
27 March: Cluster Puzzles - Michael Angulo and George Luck puzzles added
19 March. M. C. Escher Miscellany
5 March: Pentagon Tilings - expanded following suggestions on additional pentagons by Dale Walton
3 January: Cairo tiling - Six fallacies

27 December: Cairo tiling - Martin Gardner mystery resolved! The enigmatic reference to 'Moorish buildings' in his 'Scientific American' article was of the Taj Mahal
23 December: Pentagon Tilings. A study based on a pentagon tile as devised by Marjorie Rice, with added input by Vincent Kreugel
22 November: Cluster Puzzles - Predecessors and successors to Escher's 'Plane Filling I' and 'Plane Filling II'
7 August: Pavement Tessellations - Caribbean countries
25 June: Pavement Tessellation - Innsbruck railway station, Germany
22 June: Cairo tiling - 'Sightings in Books', a new page, with some material drawn from existing text, greatly revised and expanded
1 June: Pavement Pictures - Three new instances from Bingen, Germany
30 May: Cairo tiling - Watford Mosque sighting
23 May: Cairo tiling - Earliest picture yet of the El Alamein War Museum sighting, 1994, in Passport's Illustrated Guide to Egypt, by Michael Haag
20 May: Cairo tiling - Two new pictures in Explorer Egypt. AA Publishing, by Anthony Sattin, and Sylvie Franquet. 2000

7 May: Cairo tiling - John Willson drawing reference added
13 April: Cairo tiling - New first instance in print, at Zamalek, in Cairo, The Great Cities, of 1980 (predating a 1987 instance) by Malise Ruthven
4 March: Cairo tiling - Two new references to the tiling in journals: C. Dudley Langford and T. Bakos references in The Mathematical Gazette of 1956 and 1958

12 February: Pavement Tessellations - Thailand
11 February: Cairo tiling - Aesthetic Cairos - observations on 'average' pentagon
8 February: Cairo Tiling - Modern-day Furniture
28 January: Cairo Tiling - Revision and expansion of 'Requests and Questions' page
25 January: Cairo Tiling - Revision of 'Define a Cairo-type Tiling'
14 January: Cairo Tiling - Home page revised and expanded
7 January: Cairo Tiling - Martin Gardner Mystery - Gardner's enigmatic detail
3 January: Cairo Tiling - Flooring - first instance found as a flooring, possibly of 1950s

14 December: Cairo Tiling - References - General upgrading of the page
14 December: Cairo Tiling - Notable sightings - American University in Cairo. Strong anecdotal evidence of a 1966 dating, at least
7 December: Cairo Tiling - Videos, in which the full extent of the paving is shown to better effect than with photographs
28 November: Cairo Tiling - Notable Sightings - El Alamein War Museum. A dedicated page, enlarged and revised from a page of 'sightings outside of Cairo'.
21 November: Pavement Pictures - Netherlands
14 November: Cairo tiling: D. G. Wood 1967 reference added
15 October: Pavement pictures from Romania and Turkey
15 October: Cairo tiling and bisymmetric hendecahedron apparent connection
12 October: Superlatives - M. C. Escher, Kurt Komoda, Dominique Ribault, Henk Wyniger, Hop David.
17 July: General revision and overhaul of book and article reviews
12 July: Cairo Tiling: Notable Sightings. A new page, in which the more notable instances are discussed in depth, namely with sightings at the American University in Cairo, and the Old Cataract Hotel, in Aswan.
4 July: Cairo Tiling: First recorded photographs, of the late 1960s-1970s, from the American University in Cairo
25 June 2: Interview with... Makoto Nakamura
18 June: Cairo Tiling - Manufacturer. Some open questions concerning the manufacturer
12 June: Cairo Tiling - Architecture. Instances of the tiling occurring in architecture
17 May: Houndstooth - An examination of the world's most popular tessellation
3 May: Superlatives - Makoto Nakamura, Nick Scalfittura, Alain Nicolas, Bruce Bilney
12 April: My Library
6 April: Interview with... Alain Nicolas
6 April: Cairo Tiling - Acknowledgements
6 April: Free-Plane Filling
22 March: Interview with... Bruce Bilney
22 March: Foreign Cairos - instances of the Cairo tiling outside of Egypt
2 March: Pavement Tessellations - Tessellations as seen as pavements from around the world
27 January: Cairo Tiling - Further additions to 'Pictures of Sightings'

16 November: Cairo Tiling - Confusion as to type of pentagon
1 November: Escher pictures on front covers on books. A listing of Escher's prints and drawings on the front covers of (largely) non-mathematical books. Can you enlarge on this?
28 October: Cairo Tiling - Pictures of Sightings. A rearrangement and addition of the pictures of the sightings as a single page. Previously, these were ordered as according to each distinct instance
7 October: Cairo Tiling - Collinearity; analysis of the in situ tiles
18 September: Cairo Tiling: Study 3, of generating Cairo-like tilings
12 September: Cairo Tiling: Study 2, of generating  Cairo-like tilings
9 September: Cairo Tiling: Study 1, of generating Cairo-like tilings, and Cairo tiling page of references revised and expanded to a new page in its own right
8 September: Revised and enlarged essay on 'The Tessellations of Seth Bareiss'
19 August: Revised and enlarged essay on 'The Tessellations of Craig S. Kaplan'
15 March: Cairo Tiling: Additions to the Cairo pentagon Page: 1. A personal account of the discovery. 2. Unanswered questions

14 November: Cairo Tiling: Cairo pentagon update. The 'missing' pentagon picture is found!
10 October: Request page updated and expanded to include J. L. Locher's bibliography
18 September: Cairo Pentagon - Truly Named? Revised and expanded
15 September: The Tessellations of Nick Scalfittura
30 August:  Book review: 2. Introduction to Tessellations. Revised and expanded
26 August: Tutorials - Other People
9 August: Essay 23 - Motif Resemblance to Polygon
4 August: The Tessellations of Seth Bareiss
28 July: Essay 19 - Pseudo Tessellations - Gaps and Overlaps (a rewriting, revised and retitling of 'Breathing Room' essay)
27 July: Essay 21 - A Plea for Quality. Revised and enlarged
8 July: Essay 22 - In Defence of Geometric Life-like Tessellations
6 July: The Tessellations of Bruce Bilney. Revised and enlarged 2
1 July: Essay 21 - A Plea for Quality
26 June: The Tessellations of Alain Nicolas. Book review: Parcelles d'infini by Alain Nicolas. Essay 20 - Best in Class
14 June: The Tessellations of John Osborn. Revised and enlarged 1
28 May: Human Figures No. 3 added
26 May: Human Figures - Girl 2 added. Essay 6 - Categories of Difficulty Category 4 'heads', revised and expanded 
21 May: The Tessellations of Makoto Nakamura. Revised and enlarged 1
13 May: The Tessellations of John Osborn 
6 May: Essay 19 - Breathing Room
30 April: The Tessellations of Introduction. Revised . Revision of Escher's Periodic Drawings, No. 17 (Eagle)
16 April: The Tessellations of Jinny Beyer. The Tessellations of Andrew Crompton. Essay 18 - The Dilution Effect
3 April: The Tessellations of  Maurits Escher 
29 March: Unanswered Escher Questions - a series of questions concerning Escher and his works
11 March: The Tessellations of Bruce Bilney. Revised and enlarged 1 
29 January: The Tessellations of Makoto Nakamura.  The Tessellations of Bruce Bilney. A new section, in which I discuss the tessellations of leading artists in the field.

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