Update History


19 December. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Origami, by David Mitchell, of UK

13 December. Cluster Puzzles - Elspeth Eagle-Clarke biography substantially rewritten
6 December. 
Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous -  Origami, by John Szinger, of US

30 November. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Shelving unit, by Alexander Pincus, of US

23 November. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Board game, 'Cairo Corridor' by Markus Hagenauer, of Germany

21 November. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - 'Pentagonal Framework', by Adriel Designs, of US

16 November. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Acoustic Walls, by Kamilla Lang Hermansen, of  Norway

15 November. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Wall installation, at the Arndale Shopping Centre, of ManchesterUK.
14 November. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous Coffee table by 
Francesco Caracciolo di Marano and Sam Robin, with their company Robicara, of US 

13 November. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Exhibition stand by Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK), of StuttgartGermany

10 November. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Flooring and Wall, First Base Pizzeria, of Cape Town, South Africa

3 November. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Monzer Hammoud, 'Pont des Arts' coffee table text and pictures added

2 November. Where Is... Josephine Mold added

31 October. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Heliot and Co., Marquetry text added

26 October. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Ron Resch folded structure, 'Bar-Bell Yellow' pictures and text added

19-20 October. 'M. C. Escher - Apparel'. A new page, on the use of Escher imagery on a variety of clothing and fabrics
11 October. 'The Tessellations of  Alain Nicolas'. Revised, expanded and updated

5 October. Cluster Puzzles - Non-Titled Animal Puzzle text and pictures added

27 September. Cluster Puzzles - Tonnema text and pictures added

22 September. Where is... C. H. A. Broos added

20 September. Cluster Puzzles - Kolibri text and pictures added

14 September. Tessellation Artists. Update and revision, with new analyses and tables

11 September. Where is... Peter S. Stevens added

6 September. Cluster Puzzles - Portland Puzzle Co text and pictures added

31 August. Cluster Puzzles - MC Felix text and pictures added

24 August. Cluster Puzzles - RSPCA logo by Harrison Agency amended

22 August. Cluster Puzzles - '3 Toys' text and pictures added

15 August. Cluster Puzzles - RSPCA logo by Harrison Agency

8 August. Pavement Tessellations - Dushanbe, Tajikistan

1 August. Pavement Tessellations -  York, United Kingdom

28 July. Cairo Tiling - Miscellaneous, wine racks, by Grassi Pietre, architects, for Zýmē Winery, San PietroItaly, text and pictures added 

27 July. Cairo Tiling - Miscellaneous, chair, by Monsieur Meuble, text and pictures added 

21 July. The Tessellations Of ... - Revision and extension of the introduction to the artist essays
14 July. Cairo Tiling - Miscellaneous, p
entagonal tiled canopy, Toronto, Canada text and pictures added 

7 July. Cluster Puzzles - Precursors, Yoshifuji Utagawa text and pictures added

4 July. Cluster Puzzles - Precursors, John Sloan, 'The Blackbird Puzzle' text and pictures added

30 June. Cluster Puzzles - Precursors, two uncertain newspaper accounts

29 June. Cluster Puzzles - The Suitcase Puzzle text and pictures added

22 June. Cluster Puzzles - Jacobus Hendrik Schoonderbeek text and picture, of a wholesale addition and rewrite

9 June. Cairo Tiling - Miscellaneous, Kimono by Moriguchi Kunihiko

24 May. Cluster Puzzles - Mary Porter text and picture added

22 May. Cluster Puzzles - Hugh Jones text and picture added
16 May. Parquet Deformations - Werner Van Hoeydonck text and picture added
15 May. Cluster Puzzles - Ann S. Trageser  text and picture added
10 May. Cluster Puzzles - Mme. Trias and Angel Lescarboura text and picture added

21 April. Cluster Puzzles - Arnold G. Dana text and picture added

11 April. Cluster Puzzles - Elspeth Eagle-Clarke text updated and essentially entirely re-written
6 April. Cluster Puzzles 
Mark Dixon Dodd biographical detail and general updating added
4 April. 
M. C. Escher - Newspapers. Major update, with Netherlands references
30 March. Cluster Puzzles - chronological listing updated

29 March. Cluster Puzzles - An en masse patent listing added

21 March. Tessellation Artists - A new page, of a simple listing of the world's tessellation artists

20 March. Cairo Tiling - The first picture of the designer, Ramzy Omar!

7 March. Cluster Puzzle - Simplex entry updated, with George Escher commentary, and minor clarifications overall

28 February. M. C. Escher - Newspapers. A major new page, with a compilation of Escher references in newspapers
23 February. Cairo Tiling - Kenneth Peel torus text and picture added

21 February. Cluster Puzzles - Philip Gell text and pictures added

14 February. Where is... - Philip Gell added

2 February. Cluster Puzzles - Estrela text and pictures added

24 January. Cluster Puzzles - Aymara Indians, text only added

19 January. Pavement Tessellation, Azerbaijan, by Huseyneli Huseyneliev

16 January. Where Is... -  'Croton' (Cairo tiling) added

12 January. Cluster Puzzles - Craig Veser pictures and text added

11 January. Cluster Puzzles - Art For Kids text added

10 January. Cluster Puzzles - Geni Funware puzzle added

9 January. Cluster Puzzles - Hayley Ho and Thomas Guest text and pictures added

6 January. My Library - Annual update

2 January. Cluster Puzzles - Rob Reger, 'Emily the Strange' text and pictures added

23 December. Cluster Puzzles - Dave Janelle, of Creative Craftshouse text minor revision, and update of format

22 December. Cluster Puzzles - Mirim Seo text added
20 December. Where Is... - Jane and Bill Leach added

19 December. Cluster Puzzles - Denitsa Krapova text and pictures added

14 December. Cluster Puzzles - Angiolo Logi entry completely revised, with substantial new text and pictures

2 December. Cluster Puzzles - Debi McGary text and pictures added

30 November. Parquet Deformation - A wholesale revision of the references, greatly expanded and revised
28 November. Cluster Puzzles - 
Michèle Wilson text and pictures added
2 November. Cluster Puzzles - John Wright Company text updated in the light of finding the designer, Barbara Stork
28 October. Where Is.... A new page, on trying to find tessellation people
19 October. Cluster Puzzles - Francesc Crous
 and Alessandro Calogero text and pictures added

12 October. Cluster Puzzles - Johan Olin text and pictures added

4 October. Cluster Puzzles - Ray Delgadillo text and pictures added

29 September. Cluster Puzzles - Anna Powell text and pictures added
28 September. Pavement Tessellations - ZakopanePoland. More pictures and details as to the exact place
8 September. Cairo Tiling - Miscellany. Bretzel Love Cafe chair added
18 August. Cluster Puzzles - Yana Skaler added
1 August. Pavement Tessellations. Heidelberg
6 June. Cairo Tiling - The designer and a patent has been found! An 'Engineer, Brigadier Ramzi Omar'. More details to follow

2 June. Cluster Puzzles - Donald Grundy picture and text added

26 MayCluster Puzzles - Götz-Peter Reichelt pictures and text added

4 May. Cluster Puzzles - Art Originals/Yameda puzzles added

4 AprilCluster Puzzles - Jim Fambrough discussion and pictures added

8 AprilCluster Puzzles - Rochester Folk Art Guild text added

31 March. Cluster Puzzles - Rochester Art Guild pictures added
29 March. Cluster Puzzles - Plexus Puzzles added
21 March. Cluster Puzzles - Pacific Puzzle Company added
15 March. Cluster Puzzles - Art Nugent text added
14 March. Cluster Puzzles - Faux Cluster puzzles. Section noticeably expanded and illustrated for the first time
8 March. Essay 20 - Best in Class. Paul Hannah added
1 March. Cluster Puzzles - George Luck section greatly expanded

29 February. My library (annual update)
26 February. Cluster Puzzles - Oswaldo Rosales - Venezuela and USA added
10 February. Cluster Puzzles - Simplex Animal-Mosaic and Animal (sic) puzzle by Studio DUNN added
25 January. Cairo Tiling, Miscellaneous - Le Noeud Papillon, of Sydney, Australia

6 December: Cluster Puzzles - 'University Craftsmen Inc'. added.
22 September: Cairo Tiling - Old Cataract Hotel. A new dating, now of 1982, and likely 1974
16 September: M. C. Escher Cover Art - Music. A new section
19 August: Pavement Tessellations – Iceland
5 August: M. C. Escher Cover Art - Books and Articles. A conclusion of 130 new covers added, text revised and expanded
8 July: Cluster Puzzles. Mark D. Dodd text
1 July: Cluster Puzzles. Angiolo Logi text
18 June: Cluster Puzzles - A general reorganisation with a chronological ordering and updating
17 June: Cairo Tiling - Miscellany. Penta-graphene discovery
7 May: M. C. Escher Cover Art. A major update to the initial instance of 25 February, with 48 new covers
25 February: M. C. Escher Cover Art. A new page, with examples of Escher's artwork as cover art, to begin with, book and article covers
9 February: Library - My library page, with its 'annual' yearly update, a little delayed this year....
1 February: Cairo Tiling - First Photographs, the earliest confirmed instance yet, at the Galaa club in Heliopolis, of 1957!
29 January: Cairo Tiling - First Photographs, the earliest confirmed instance yet, at Suez, of 1967!
14 January: Cairo Tiling - Video. Footage of ex-President Anwar Sadat with Cairo tiling, of 1981!

30 December: Cairo Tiling - Notable Sightings - El Alamein War Museum updating, with John Gluth's details, of likely a 1992 installation
29 December: Cluster puzzles - Commercial puzzles by Benho, Selecta and Shackman
24 December: Pentagon Tilings 2 - Bailey 10-13, Pentagon workhouse
16 December: Pavement Tessellations - Morocco, Marrakech
12 December: Pavement Tessellations - Nigeria, Lagos
7 November: Pentagon Tilings 2 - Pentagon tilings inspired by H. C. Moore
3 October: Architecture - Crystal Orange Hotel, Beijing, China
19 September: Cairo Tiling - Architecture, Clarion Hotel The Edge pictures
18 September: Cluster Puzzles - Satirical Maps
17 September: Best in Class - A wholesale revision, with a rewrite of the text and many more categories than previously, and links to pictures
16 September: Cluster Puzzles - Jack Zylkin
9 September 4: Cluster Puzzles - Shigeru Kobayshi
14 July: Cluster Puzzles - 'Tozzwoods' added
10 July: Cairo Tiling - References - Added references by Moore (1909, the earliest yet!) and Odier
9 July: Cluster Puzzles - Added patent pictures of Clerc, Godinet, Graham and Stevens
26 June: Cluster Puzzles - 'Fat Punk Studio' added
22 May: Developments pages amalgamated as a single page for the sake of succinctness; more Bobby Bogl artworks added to cluster page
14 May: Hypermorphic pages amalgamated as a single page for the sake of succinctness
8 May: Penrose tiling pages amalgamated as a single page for the sake of succinctness
17 April: Parquet Deformations - A change of presentation, with all material now on a single page, and additional text
11 April 4: Pavement Tessellations - ‘Baldosa de Bilbao’ (Tile of Bilbao)
27 March: Cluster Puzzles - Michael Angulo and George Luck puzzles added
19 March. M. C. Escher Miscellany
5 March: Pentagon Tilings - expanded following suggestions on additional pentagons by Dale Walton
3 January: Cairo tiling - Six fallacies

27 December: Cairo tiling - Martin Gardner mystery resolved! The enigmatic reference to 'Moorish buildings' in his 'Scientific American' article was of the Taj Mahal
23 December: Pentagon Tilings. A study based on a pentagon tile as devised by Marjorie Rice, with added input by Vincent Kreugel
22 November: Cluster Puzzles - Predecessors and successors to Escher's 'Plane Filling I' and 'Plane Filling II'
7 August: Pavement Tessellations - Caribbean countries
25 June: Pavement Tessellation - Innsbruck railway station, Germany
22 June: Cairo tiling - 'Sightings in Books', a new page, with some material drawn from existing text, greatly revised and expanded
1 June: Pavement Pictures - Three new instances from Bingen, Germany
30 May: Cairo tiling - Watford Mosque sighting
23 May: Cairo tiling - Earliest picture yet of the El Alamein War Museum sighting, 1994, in Passport's Illustrated Guide to Egypt, by Michael Haag
20 May: Cairo tiling - Two new pictures in Explorer Egypt. AA Publishing, by Anthony Sattin, and Sylvie Franquet. 2000

7 May: Cairo tiling - John Willson drawing reference added
13 April: Cairo tiling - New first instance in print, at Zamalek, in Cairo, The Great Cities, of 1980 (predating a 1987 instance) by Malise Ruthven
4 March: Cairo tiling - Two new references to the tiling in journals: C. Dudley Langford and T. Bakos references in The Mathematical Gazette of 1956 and 1958

12 February: Pavement Tessellations - Thailand
11 February: Cairo tiling - Aesthetic Cairos - observations on 'average' pentagon
8 February: Cairo Tiling - Modern-day Furniture
28 January: Cairo Tiling - Revision and expansion of 'Requests and Questions' page
25 January: Cairo Tiling - Revision of 'Define a Cairo-type Tiling'
14 January: Cairo Tiling - Home page revised and expanded
7 January: Cairo Tiling - Martin Gardner Mystery - Gardner's enigmatic detail
3 January: Cairo Tiling - Flooring - first instance found as a flooring, possibly of 1950s

14 December: Cairo Tiling - References - General upgrading of the page
14 December: Cairo Tiling - Notable sightings - American University in Cairo. Strong anecdotal evidence of a 1966 dating, at least
7 December: Cairo Tiling - Videos, in which the full extent of the paving is shown to better effect than with photographs
28 November: Cairo Tiling - Notable Sightings - El Alamein War Museum. A dedicated page, enlarged and revised from a page of 'sightings outside of Cairo'.
21 November: Pavement Pictures - Netherlands
14 November: Cairo tiling: D. G. Wood 1967 reference added
15 October: Pavement pictures from Romania and Turkey
15 October: Cairo tiling and bisymmetric hendecahedron apparent connection
12 October: Superlatives - M. C. Escher, Kurt Komoda, Dominique Ribault, Henk Wyniger, Hop David.
17 July: General revision and overhaul of book and article reviews
12 July: Cairo Tiling: Notable Sightings. A new page, in which the more notable instances are discussed in depth, namely with sightings at the American University in Cairo, and the Old Cataract Hotel, in Aswan.
4 July: Cairo Tiling: First recorded photographs, of the late 1960s-1970s, from the American University in Cairo
25 June 2: Interview with... Makoto Nakamura
18 June: Cairo Tiling - Manufacturer. Some open questions concerning the manufacturer
12 June: Cairo Tiling - Architecture. Instances of the tiling occurring in architecture
17 May: Houndstooth - An examination of the world's most popular tessellation
3 May: Superlatives - Makoto Nakamura, Nick Scalfittura, Alain Nicolas, Bruce Bilney
12 April: My Library
6 April: Interview with... Alain Nicolas
6 April: Cairo Tiling - Acknowledgements
6 April: Free-Plane Filling
22 March: Interview with... Bruce Bilney
22 March: Foreign Cairos - instances of the Cairo tiling outside of Egypt
2 March: Pavement Tessellations - Tessellations as seen as pavements from around the world
27 January: Cairo Tiling - Further additions to 'Pictures of Sightings'

16 November: Cairo Tiling - Confusion as to type of pentagon
1 November: Escher pictures on front covers on books. A listing of Escher's prints and drawings on the front covers of (largely) non-mathematical books. Can you enlarge on this?
28 October: Cairo Tiling - Pictures of Sightings. A rearrangement and addition of the pictures of the sightings as a single page. Previously, these were ordered as according to each distinct instance
7 October: Cairo Tiling - Collinearity; analysis of the in situ tiles
18 September: Cairo Tiling: Study 3, of generating Cairo-like tilings
12 September: Cairo Tiling: Study 2, of generating  Cairo-like tilings
9 September: Cairo Tiling: Study 1, of generating Cairo-like tilings, and Cairo tiling page of references revised and expanded to a new page in its own right
8 September: Revised and enlarged essay on 'The Tessellations of Seth Bareiss'
19 August: Revised and enlarged essay on 'The Tessellations of Craig S. Kaplan'
15 March: Cairo Tiling: Additions to the Cairo pentagon Page: 1. A personal account of the discovery. 2. Unanswered questions

14 November: Cairo Tiling: Cairo pentagon update. The 'missing' pentagon picture is found!
10 October: Request page updated and expanded to include J. L. Locher's bibliography
18 September: Cairo Pentagon - Truly Named? Revised and expanded
15 September: The Tessellations of Nick Scalfittura
30 August:  Book review: 2. Introduction to Tessellations. Revised and expanded
26 August: Tutorials - Other People
9 August: Essay 23 - Motif Resemblance to Polygon
4 August: The Tessellations of Seth Bareiss
28 July: Essay 19 - Pseudo Tessellations - Gaps and Overlaps (a rewriting, revised and retitling of 'Breathing Room' essay)
27 July: Essay 21 - A Plea for Quality. Revised and enlarged
8 July: Essay 22 - In Defence of Geometric Life-like Tessellations
6 July: The Tessellations of Bruce Bilney. Revised and enlarged 2
1 July: Essay 21 - A Plea for Quality
26 June: The Tessellations of Alain Nicolas. Book review: Parcelles d'infini by Alain Nicolas. Essay 20 - Best in Class
14 June: The Tessellations of John Osborn. Revised and enlarged 1
28 May: Human Figures No. 3 added
26 May: Human Figures - Girl 2 added. Essay 6 - Categories of Difficulty Category 4 'heads', revised and expanded 
21 May: The Tessellations of Makoto Nakamura. Revised and enlarged 1
13 May: The Tessellations of John Osborn 
6 May: Essay 19 - Breathing Room
30 April: The Tessellations of Introduction. Revised. Revision of Escher's Periodic Drawings, No. 17 (Eagle)
16 April: The Tessellations of Jinny Beyer. The Tessellations of Andrew Crompton. Essay 18 - The Dilution Effect
3 April: The Tessellations of  Maurits Escher 
29 March: Unanswered Escher Questions - a series of questions concerning Escher and his works
11 March: The Tessellations of Bruce Bilney. Revised and enlarged 1 
29 January: The Tessellations of Makoto Nakamura. The Tessellations of Bruce Bilney. A new section, in which I discuss the tessellations of leading artists in the field.

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