As previously mentioned, websites of ‘representational' tessellations have not always impressed me, in both their content and quality and indeed far too many are unworthy in this respect, essentially a waste of time visiting. However, good sites do indeed exist and the following below is a compilation of what I have found to be of a suitable standard. As such, I am always interested in receiving details of good quality examples, of which I will be more than pleased to add here.

Robert Bogl
Bogl creates 'many-motif' tessellations, in the style as of Escher's free plane fillings. Further examples are to be seen on his DeviantArt website, under the BobbyBobby 85's gallery' tab.

Jill Britton
Britton's site contains numerous links to all manner of tessellation and similarly related subjects, all of a popular level that the reader here will find to be of an appropriate degree of interest.

Andrew Crompton
Crompton's site is essentially divided in two between his own work in representational tessellations, along with his interest in related matters such as symmetry per se and an ‘other people' section, whereby he invites other people to send him tessellations of their own for inclusion.

William Van Duyn
Van Duyn's site contains much of interest in the way of 'mathematical graphics', amongst which pentominoes and fractals are to the fore, along with a small but significant section on tessellation, of which some interesting articles concerning Escher's usage of hyperbolic geometry are prominent.

Kadon Enterprises, Inc.
An American company that has created, designed, developed, produced and marketed tessellation puzzles, as well as other original puzzles and strategy games with a mathematical background, since 1980. 

Komada has done some very pleasing tessellations, few in number, but some of real quality. A typical example of his work is shown below, of Girl.

Craig S. Kaplan
Kaplan's site is most impressive in terms of depth, his main interest being in computer graphics and related subjects, of which tessellation is one of many. Of this, his interests lie in both non-representational and representational types, of which the application of a computer to both of these aspects is to the fore. Shown below is an example of a parquet deformation, designed and drawn on a computer.

Alain Nicolas

Escher-like tessellation as designed by Alain Nicolas. Quite superb, a master of the art.

Jeffrey Price

Original research on Escher, with many new details coming to light. Also, some unpublished and rare photos in the online catalogue. Highly recommended.



Makoto Nakamura
Nakamura's site is concerned with representational tessellations, generally of a high-quality nature. Furthermore, he uses these to form ‘compositions', in effect echoing Escher's prints in intent. A further additional aspect to his work is that of animation, whereby one motif changes into another of a related theme or idea.

Patrick Snels
Snels' site has a varied selection of representational tessellations. Also of interest is a database of tessellations that he is currently compiling that contains most of the work of people who are contemporary in the field, which when complete should be a notable assistance as regards comparing various qualities and types of motifs.

Site of the Symmetrion and the International Symmetry Association dedicated to many aspects of symmetry.

Villa Lagoon Tiles. An American company who can produce custom tessellated tiles