Tessellation Artists

Of interest is just how many people ‘out there’ are undertaking Escher-like tessellation art. Andrew Crompton, a practising tessellation artist, from as far back as 1984, wondered about this, and indeed, placed an advert asking for tessellation artists to come forward. As a result of this, and his own investigations, he produced a list of 54 people up to 2010, when his active interest ceased. Latterly, Patrick Snels then continued with this in his own way, with a database of 60 artists building upon Crompton’s work, adding a few more instances of his own. Subsequently, in 2017, Francine Champagne began compiling her own listing. Negating Champagne’s work, the matter has lain undisturbed for a good few years. To this end, I have now taken it upon myself to continue and update this work, and of which, pleasingly, the number of artists is increasing, considerably so, and now numbering over 100 as of this writing. However, the question arises as to work deemed fit for inclusion. This is not such a straightforward task as may otherwise be thought! People’s interest in tessellation varies, from people who have spent a lifetime in the field, to dilettantes, of just a brief interest in passing, sometimes of just a single instance, and everything in between. Escher-like tessellation is popular in schoolwork, and so many young people do Escher-like tessellation, although their work is largely without merit and so of little need for an ‘official’ listing here. However, there are adults, such as Otto van Eersel, who have just the one tessellation to their name, and been published. And indeed, adults who have books with next to no understanding of the issues! Who to include therefore is not as straightforward. Indeed, at times, it is an invidious task. The criteria are of at least one work of some degree of merit or at least as judged by common consent of worth or have otherwise some degree of prominence in the field, such as with book publications. The listing below, of 107 artists, is indeed as accurate as is practical. As ever, I am open to further suggestions for artists to be added to this listing. This is really a bare minimum listing, of name, birth and country. Even so, frequently, the backgrounds details are left open-ended; some people seem to delight in obscurity! Although I could at least try and pursue some of these people, I judge the time required better spent elsewhere. Crompton gives brief background details where known. An open invitation to the artists concerned; by all means write a few lines, or more, on yourself and send me in your details. In due course, I would like to add more biographical details, perhaps separately, below the main listing.

 Name Born Country
 Aitch, Paul (Paul Hannah)  United Kingdom
 Akroyde, Pete  ?
 Amiraslan Jamal Jamalov  Azerbaijan
 Annal, David 1934-2008 United Kingdom
 August, John  United States
 Bailey, David 1959- United Kingdom
 Bard, David  United States
 Bareiss, Seth 1964-2014 United States
 Beyer, Jinny 1941- United States
 Bilney, Bruce  Australia
 Biswas, Debasish  India
 Bizzi, Regolo  Italy
 Botlek, Daan  Netherlands
 Brade, Sam  United Kingdom
 Brisse, François  Canada
 Braun, Barton (Bart)  Canada
 Champagne, Francine  Canada
 Chow, William  United States
 Coles, Kelvin 1961- United Kingdom
 Collatz, Lothar  Germany
 CrolRené 1949 Netherlands
 Crompton, Andrew  United Kingdom
 Davey, Paul  United Kingdom
 David, Hop  United States
 Davis, Nathan  Australia
 Edwards, Chris X  United States
 Eersel, Otto van 1925- Netherlands
 Escher, Maurits Cornelis 1895-1972 Netherlands
 Fairbanks, Thomas  United States
 Fathauer, Robert 1960- United States
 Ferrero, Martin  ?
 Fisher, Adrian  United Kingdom
 Fisher, Seth  Japan
 Fugita, Shin  Japan
 Garcia, Doly  Spain
 Garrett, David  ?
 Gelenscar, Klara  Hungary
 Grosvenor, Emily  United States
 Group, David  ?
 Gurten, Alexander  Germany
 Hassell, Richard  Australia
 Hodgetts, Blake  United States
 'Horrister'  Japan
 Huseynaliyev, Huseynali  Azerbaijan
 Ingalls, Robert  United States
 Jamal, Jamalov   Azerbaijan
 Kaminari, Satoshi  Japan
 Kannari, Tomomi  Japan
 Kaplan, Craig 1972- Canada
 Kauffmann, Robert  United States
 Kerr, Sam  United Kingdom
 Khodot, Alexander  Russia
 Komodo, Kurt  ?
 Kubo, Michio 1934- Japan
 Kuiper, Hans  Netherlands
 LaPalme, Michael  Thailand
 Landry, Kenneth  United States
 Lefelhocz, John W.  United States
 Leys, Jos 1928- Netherlands?
 Malinowski, Marcin 1971- Poland
 Mamedov, Khudu 1928-1988 Azerbaijan
 Maynard, Philip M.  United Kingdom
 Mazevet, Romain  France
 McClure, Royce  New Zealand
 McNeil, Jim  United States
 Molgora, Jorge  Mexico
 Mooren, Rick  Netherlands
 Moser, Koloman 1868-1918 Austria
 Nakamura, Makato 1947- Japan
 Nicolas, Alain 1947- France
 Nimmo, Wouter M.  Netherlands
 Nylander, Paul  United States
 Osborn, John A. L. d. 2017 United States
 Panda, Jason  Canada
 Paulus, George J. 1910-1995 United States
 Penrose, Roger 1931- United Kingdom
 Pike, Geoff  United Kingdom
 Possati, Davide  ?
 Prokhorov, Nikita  Russia/US
 Puchinger, Erwin 1875-1944 Austria
 Raba, Raoul 1930- France
 Raedschelders, Peter  Belgium
 Ribault, Dominique  France
 Rice, Marjorie 1923-2017 United States
 Riesen, Guillaume  Brazil
 Robb, Herb  United States
 Rodgers, Caspar  United States
 Rooij, Peter van  
 Sato (or Satou), Takashi  Japan
 Scalfittura, Nick  United States
 Schenk, Robert  United States
 Sef (pseudonym)  ?
 Seidel, Ulrich 1969- Germany
 Shearer, Christine  United States
 Shigeru, Satoshi  Japan
 Sirett, Natalie  United Kingdom
 Snels, Patrick  Netherlands
 Stapel, Mark  United States
 Stevens, Peter S. 1939- United States
 Sullivan, David B.  United States
 Sundram, Sanjay  India
 Talbot, Jonathon  United States
 Teeters, Joseph  United States
 Thomas, Dylan 1986- Canada
 Turner, Michael  United States
 Wallace, David  ?
 Watson, Chris  United Kingdom
 Wenger, Bill  United States
 Williams, David  United States
 Wilson, Michael  United States
 Wylie, Daniel, Lacerda Rodrigues  Brazil
 Wyniger, Henk  Germany
 Yoshida, Yasukiyo (Sakuramederu)  Japan
 Yoshiai, Araki  Japan
 Yosihagara, Nob  Japan

Analysis 1

Just for amusement, and nothing more really, it’s interesting to separate the artists as according to their country of origin. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, the United States is the leader, with over twice the number of artists (31) over the next, the United Kingdom (15). However, unlike other countries with considerably fewer artists, there is no really outstanding work from the former. Japan (10) and the Netherlands (8) also show prominently, with perhaps surprisingly less so other major European countries, namely France (3), Germany (2), with Spain (1) and Italy (1) less so. One would have expected more. However, for France in particular (Nicolas) and Germany (Wyniger), these make up for lack of quantity with artists of true worth. Interestingly, Austria, who can be described as the pioneer of Escher-like tessellation (with works by Moser and Puchinger) has surprisingly not led to other artists from this country emerging.

 Country Number
 United States 31
 United Kingdom 15
 Japan 10
 Netherlands 8
 Canada 5
 Azerbaijan 3
 France 3
 Germany  3
 Austria 2
 Brazil 2
 Russia 2
 Belgium 1
 Hungary 1
 Italy 1
 Mexico 1
 New Zealand 1
 Poland 1
 Spain 1
 Thailand 1

Analysis 2

Also of interest is to separate the artists as according to gender. Out of 107 artists, only six are female! Furthermore, many of these are inconsequential, of either most limited in extent, of a passing interest, or of doubtful inclusion on grounds of quality (Beyer and Sirett), with only Champagne being the one with a decided interest. Where are you, female tessellators?

Gender and Number







Created 21 March 2017, with a minor update of 29 March 2017. Last Updated: 14 September 2017, with a revision and expansion of the introductory text, more artists (107 as against 98), with the listing emphasised as according to initial letter, rather than a long list without such differentiation. Further, I then undertake two analyses of the data, with tables of country and gender of the artists.