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A newly formed dedicated page 'as flooring' as of 4 April 2019, the category now judged to have sufficient instances to form a dedicated page, with some material already on the Cairo pages elsewhere. Now titled 'As Flooring' as part of a new themed series of the 'Cairo Tiling As...' instances.

Malaysia, Guocera Company

From their website:

With nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience, Guocera is the tile brand of choice in over 50 countries from the America and Europe to the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Guocera is one of Malaysia’s largest manufacturers and exporter of tiles.

South Africa, Flooring and Wall, at First Base Pizzeria, Cape TownSouth Africa

Another, so far unique instance, at least in combination, is that of flooring and wall tiles from First Base Pizzeria, of the Paddocks Shopping Centre, Cape TownSouth Africa. This is a splendid sight indeed, of a multiple six-colouring, albeit without any apparent structure and appears to be of a modern-day installation, of 2016. This was designed by Inhouse Brand Architects, although the story behind its installation is unknown. Disappointingly, upon asking for picture permission and more details the architects did not respond, as well as a request to the (independent) photographer, Riaan West, hence the lack of pictures and more exact detail.

UK, 1950s Style? Natural Floors


A most interesting historical sighting, and in a ‘foreign’ context, is a sighting as a flooring, in the UK, of c. 1950s. However, details here are a little sketchy. A picture was posted on Natural Floors NW (North West) Limited website (and Facebook page) with an intriguing reference to the Cairo tiling in a bathroom of the 1950s:
However, upon correspondence with the company, the picture as shown is not the original flooring but is rather a modern-day recreation as best as is possible. Furthermore, the attributed date (the 1950s), is the best guess, from the age of the house and the material used, with printed tile effect linoleum. I quote excerpts from the company emails:
(Mail 1, 19 October 2015)
We had a customer buy a house built in the 1950's & in the bathroom was a printed tile effect linoleum, printed lino was a very popular floor covering in the UK from as early as the 1930's but the early ones were quite often floral patterns. As this house was from the 50's we assume the lino was of the same period. No one makes a printed lino anymore, (Vinyl is not lino!) so we made the [modern day] pattern by hand cutting sheet linoleum in 4 colours using Forbo Walton Linoleum as this was the closest we could get to the original colours.
(Mail 2, 20 October 2015)
We assume it is a 1950's pattern as this type of patterned linoleum was not made much beyond the 50's. Once vinyl became popular Marmoleum was used mainly in commercial locations. It is only now becoming popular again as a domestic flooring….
However, much still remains unknown here. Despite extensive web searching, who manufactured the vinyl, and what date these were installed is not known for certain, although 1950s does indeed seem a distinct possibility. Can anyone shed any more light on these background matters? Or indeed, have anything else to say on this?

United States

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