A listing of publications where I have authored or I am mentioned or have images of my works, with books, articles and newspapers. Although I have written extensively on the web, the converse is true on the more traditional media, as above. This essentially reflects my nature, of beginning something, and then taking the project to a near state of completion for publication, before essentially becoming distracted by new studies, with the newness or novelty aspect thus gaining traction, resulting in the old being put aside. The delight of the web is of eternal revision, and of which I thus take the opportunity when appropriate. Incomplete, or partial research grates on me. I certainly do not favour publish or perish! Instead, I follow the maxim of the renowned mathematician Carl Gauss, ‘pauca sed matura’ (few, but ripe), and he didn't do too badly for himself! Not that for one moment do I imply our respective works are of equal value; that would be risible! Further, Gauss summarized his views on the pursuit of knowledge in a letter to Farkas Bolyai dated 2 September 1808, and of which I very much concur:

It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment. When I have clarified and exhausted a subject, then I turn away from it, in order to go into darkness again. The never-satisfied man is so strange; if he has completed a structure, then it is not in order to dwell in it peacefully, but in order to begin another. I imagine the world conqueror must feel thus, who, after one kingdom is scarcely conquered, stretches out his arms for others.

In short, it's the thrill of the chase that excites me and not the kill, hence the lack of publications. That said, I do have articles nearing completion, on the Cairo tiling (after 30 years of study!), Cluster Puzzles and Houndstooth. And then there’s ‘The Book’, with text taken from my numerous essays where I set out my thoughts (with ultimately publication in mind). However, whether this will ever appear is in doubt. No publisher is beating a path to my door. If it does appear, it will probably be of a vanity project. 

Although I have so far favoured the web, this to me is just an intermediary stage before publication in print. Print has stood the test of time, the defining standard of writing, whereas websites come and go, in effect the blink of an eye. Indeed, as this one surely will one day, in just a few years, upon my demise with the ending of paying web hosting fees. Articles and books, at the age of 60, I really should get on with it!


Bellos, Alex and Edmund Harriss. Snowflake Seashell Star. Canongate Books Ltd, 2015 

My fish tessellation on the back cover (coloured by persons unknown) and two works inside on the page ‘Periodic Tiling’; ‘Nested Fish’, again, and ‘Interflocking Birds’ (Bellos' witty description). (Not paginated). Also see the newspaper reference, below.


Fathauer, Robert. Designing and Drawing Tessellations. Tessellations. 2008

Name check, p. 137.

Fathauer, Robert. Tessellations: Mathematics, Art, and Recreation. CRC Press, 2020

Name checks p. 6, 437, 449

Freaker, Daniel and Alan Parsons. Series consultant Harry Smith. Revise BTEC National Art and Design Revision Guide. Pearson, 2018.

An art and design book for 11-16 age children. Features my bird and fish tessellation, p. 85. The text (including Magritte’s Decalcomania), accompanying my piece is Freaker and Parsons' own, which is not made explicit, of which I do not entirely agree with, and of which I had no input. Specifically, this involves ‘The Bailey image also (alluding to Magritte) presents an impossible situation’. Admittedly, the (tessellation) situation is highly unlikely, in more ways than one, but not impossible! I’d have preferred ‘highly unlikely’ or a similar expression.

Gjerde, Eric. Origami Tessellations. Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs. A. K. Peters Ltd, 2009

My Pólya C4 bird tessellation (four-colour), as part of the ‘overview’, p. 2.

Kuraica, Stanislav. Rendgenska Difrakcija Na Prahu. Publisher: Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers. Co-publisher: Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology University of Zagreb, 2020

Translated (X-ray powder diffraction)

P. 46. Use of my bird and fish tessellation.

Reyes, Encarnación and Inmaculada Fernández. Pentágonos. Construcciones. Mosaicos, Geometría sagrada. (in Spanish). Universidad de Valladolid. 2015

A mention of myself and collaborator on the Cairo tiling Helen Donnelly, with in situ photos on pp. 74 and 156, and photo on the front cover.


Bailey, David R. M. ‘A Guide to Creating Escher-like Bird Motif Tessellations’. Bridges Leeuwarden. Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science Proceedings 2008. Reza Sarhangi and Carlo Séquin, Chief Editors, Tarquin Publications, 2008. Pp. 453-456.

Proceedings of the 2008 Bridges conference, celebrating the connections between mathematics and art, held in Leeuwarden in The Netherlands, celebrating the 110th the birth year (and place) place of artist M. C. Escher. A tutorial, with illustrations, on creating bird motif tessellations using the Pólya C4 tile and a Greek Cross. Further, my four-colour Pólya bird is featured on the back cover.

Fathauer, Robert. ‘Real-World Tessellations’. Proceedings of Bridges 2015: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture, pp. 107-122.

A minor mention in the references regarding the Cairo tiling.

Morgan, Frank. ‘My Undercover Mission to Find Cairo Tilings’. The Mathematical Intelligencer, September 2019, Volume 41, Issue 3, pp. 19–22.

Name checks, p. 19, and references p. 22.

Ouyang, Peichang, Krzysztof Gdawiec, David Bailey, Alain Nicholas, Kwok Wai Chung. ‘Generation of Advanced Escher-like Spiral Tessellations’ (co-author). Applied Mathematics and Computation (in press).

Use of my bird tessellations.

San Le. ‘Simple Rules for Incorporating Design Art into Penrose and Fractal Tiles’. Bridges Towson 2012: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture. Editors, R. Bosch, D. McKenna, R. Sarhangi. Tessellations Publishing. Pp. 259-266.

Name check, with a mention of my Penrose thick and thin rhombi page in the References, p. 264, although I am at a loss as to why! Although Le uses the thick and thin rhombi in his article, there is no other linkage between my more ‘correct’ usage of tessellation as an Escher-like tiling and his much ‘decorative’ looser space-filling use.

Yazar, Tuğral. ‘Revisiting Parquet Deformations from a computational perspective: A novel method for design and analysis’. International Journal of Architectural Computing 2017, Vol. 15 (4) pp. 250-267.

Mentions of myself, of a contextual map diagram p. 254 and in the acknowledgements, p. 265.

Newspapers (in chronological order)

‘The Famous Cairo Tiling as seen in Maadi’. Maadi Messenger, Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Maadi Messenger is (or was) a free newspaper, with a limited distribution, around Maadi, Cairo, Egypt. My piece, as well as a report, tried to elicit a response on the findings, to no avail, unfortunately.

‘Colour by Numbers’. The Guardian, Saturday 19 September 2015. Review Arts, pp. 16-17.

Mention on p. 16, with an illustration of fish tessellation, in conjunction with the publication of Snowflake Seashell Star as detailed above.


‘Something Fishy Going On’. The Guardian, Saturday 26 September 2015. Feedback, p. 14. 

Follow on to the Review Arts piece above, Illustration of fish tessellation, coloured by a responder, but no name check.

Pictures, cover of book, and relevant page

Revise BTEC National Art and Design Revision Guide.


Bridges Leeuwarden. Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science Proceedings 2008

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