Hi, I’m David Bailey from Grimsby, England, with a keen interest in recreational mathematics, of a mostly geometrical nature, and more specifically of Escher-like tessellations along with their application to polyhedra. Additionally, I make the occasional foray into 'pure' tiling, such as pentagon tilings, and historical matters too, such as with the well-known 'Cairo tiling', 'cluster puzzles' and the 'houndstooth' tessellation. This website is thus dedicated to showing my own efforts in this field, along with some other aspects pertaining to the subject, such as various essays on tessellation, where I set my thoughts out, and are designed to be tutorial in form.

The tessellations shown are mostly of what I term as of final, 'finished' examples, designed, drawn and coloured (generally of watercolour) by hand, and not a computer. These are essentially the product of a systematic study, which frequently belies various complexities that of necessity require a thorough approach. Also included are some that are best described as 'studies', of which, for various reasons, I have simply not found the time to complete as finished examples. These are thus simply denoted as ‘study’. Generally, but not always, the 'finished' and 'study' tessellations are accompanied by some explanatory text, whereby the various ‘intricacies’ behind the tessellation are discussed. In addition, each drawings colouration is discussed. The tessellations  are so placed into distinct groupings as according to their motif, i.e. of birds, fishes ... as appropriate, with any further subdivision, due to there being so many examples of a specific motif (primarily of the bird examples) are thus put into arbitrary subcategories for the sake of general order.

Correspondence is welcomed: davidbailey500@googlemail.com

All images and text copyright David Bailey 11 September 2009
Can anyone supply me with any of the following articles, which are needed in conjunction with my studies:

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3 October 2014 - Architecture - Crystal Orange Hotel, Beijing, China
19 September 2014: Cairo Tiling - Architecture, Clarion Hotel The Edge pictures
18 September 2014 Cluster Puzzles - Satirical Maps
17 September 2014: Best in Class. A wholesale revision, with a rewrite of the text and many more categories than previously, and links to pictures
16 September 2014 Cluster Puzzles - Jack Zylkin
9 September 2014: Cluster Puzzles - Shigeru Kobayshi
14 July 2014: Cluster Puzzles - 'Tozzwoods' added
10 July 2014: Cairo Tiling - References - Added references by Moore (1909, the earliest yet!) and Odier
9 July 2014: Cluster Puzzles - Added patent pictures of Clerc, Godinet, Graham, and Stevens
26 June 2014: Cluster Puzzles - 'Fat Punk Studio' added
22 May 2014: Developments pages amalgamated as a single page for the sake of succinctness; more Bobby Bogl artworks added to cluster page
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17 April 2014: Parquet Deformations - A change of presentation, with all material now on a single page, and additional text
11 April 2014: Pavement Tessellations - ‘Baldosa de Bilbao’ (Tile of Bilbao)
27 March 2014: Cluster Puzzles - Michael Angulo and George Luck puzzles added
19 March 2014. M. C. Escher Miscellany
5 March 2014: Pentagon Tilings - expanded following suggestions on additional pentagons by Dale Walton
3 January 2014: Cairo tiling - Six fallacies
27 December 2013: Cairo tiling - Martin Gardner mystery resolved! The enigmatic reference to 'Moorish buildings' in his 'Scientific American' article was of the Taj Mahal
23 December 2013: Pentagon Tilings. A study based on a pentagon tile as devised by Marjorie Rice, with added input by Vincent Kreugel
22 November 2013: Cluster Puzzles - Predecessors and successors to Escher's 'Plane Filling I' and 'Plane Filling II'
7 August 2013: Pavement Tessellations - Caribbean countries
25 June 2013: Pavement Tessellation - Innsbruck railway station, Germany
22 June 2013: Cairo tiling - 'Sightings in Books', a new page, with some material drawn from existing text, greatly revised and expanded