Essay 20 - Best in Class

This page compiles a listing of what I term as a ‘best in class’ tessellation, in which I compile a table and nominate an Escher-like tessellation as the best in a specific category, or subcategory. The premise of this compilation is to challenge you, dear reader, to admire high-quality tessellation, and if at all possible better these with your own efforts. The various categories are as follows, in rough order of importance, specifically of Nos. 1-5; those lower than that listing has uncertain placements in this regard:

  1. Animals, excluding birds and fish (save for specific breeds), of a single creature, such as dogs
  2. Extinct prehistoric Creatures, such as dinosaurs
  3. Human figures, in variety of poses, such as chefs
  4. Inanimate objects, such as cars
  5. Fantasies, such as angels
  6. Famous people, such as Marilyn Monroe
  7. Characters from Japanese folklore, such as Nurarihyon
  8. Heads, such as cats
  9. Christmas, such as Santa
  10. Cartoon characters, such as Bugs Bunny
  11. Food, such as carrots
  12. Specific tiles, such as the ‘Cairo tiling’
  13. Two motifs themed, such as dog and rabbit (e.g. dogs naturally chase rabbits)
  14. Two motifs not themed, such as dancers and rabbit (no connection)
  15. Characters from comic books, such as Batman
  16. Miscellaneous, i.e. none of the above

Of the examples, some of these have more than one instance of view. For instance, the dog has four, of a profile, looking back and running, as well as sitting and standing. Note that not all views are to be regarded as the same intrinsic worth, this depending on how we typically view them. In the animal category, the most recognisable orientation is preferred, with others of a lesser regard.  For example, quadrupeds are ideally seen from the side, rather than the front, although both views are acceptable. In contrast, insects are best seen from above.

The tables below give a wide range of motifs that I consider to have shown to have an Escher-like tessellation as to some degree of worth, in that primarily by silhouette alone these are instantly recognisable. For each distinct motif, alligator, badger etc., I credit the artist who I consider has the ‘best in class’ tessellation, along with a link to the picture. On occasions, choosing a single favoured instance between competing tessellations was not an easy task; many instances of excellent, if not superb have of necessity been left out by this ruling. However, the motifs here should not necessarily be compared as against each other on equal terms. Some examples are decidedly weak and have only been included for the sake of including a ‘best in class’ of that category. For example, Christine Shearer’s ‘Pandas’, of relatively poor quality really only qualify due to her having no competitor in these categories. That said, these are still of some degree of worth, and so are included.

Of note here is that I omit generic birds and fish in the listings. Simply stated, these are amongst the easiest motifs to compose (discussed below), and generally lack a challenge. However, one should not dismiss birds and fish as a challenge out of hand, as they can be made ‘worthwhile’ if they are of a specific instance, such as an eagle or swan, and so, therefore, I thus include here in the listings below examples of this specific type, rather than of a generic bird or fish.

Another reason for this compilation is to try and move the artist away from birds and fish as the choice of motif. A noteworthy challenge in tessellation, to in effect test one’s skills, is to compose a wide range of different motifs (and ideally in different poses), and not just settle for the easier and commonly to be found birds and fish. As such, the latter pairing can be said to lack challenge, in that their outlines are so ambiguous that, within reason, many tessellating shapes can, with a bit of imagination made to be bird or fish-like with relative ease. In contrast, other motifs, of more ‘restrictive’ outlines, pose more of a challenge and so can be said to be of more worth. Furthermore, as they are of a relatively ‘scarce’ nature, they have a certain ‘novelty value’, and so are thus are more interest than the above more commonly found motifs.

Agree/disagree? E-me.

Table 1 - Animals

 Motif                          Artist Source
 Alligator/Crocodile Araki
 Ant Escher
 Badger Crompton
 Bee Nicolas See book, p 151 
 Bat Wyniger 
 Bat (side view) Torigoe
 Beetle Nakamura See site above: Animals, Insects 4
 Beetle - Stag Torigoe Unpublished
 Bird - Duck Nicolas
 Bird - Eagle Osborn  
 Bird - Flamingo Nakamura See site above: 
 Bird - Goose Nicolas
 Bird - Kiwi Williams
 Bird - Swan Escher
 Bird - Toucan Nicolas
 Bison Nakamura See site above: Animals, Bison
 Butterfly Escher
 Camel Escher
 Cat - Frontal Nakamura See site above: Animals, Cats
 Capybara Sakuramederu
 Cat - Profile Nakamura See site above: Animals, Cats
 Camel with Rider Sakuramederu
 Cow Edwards
 Chameleon Nakamura See site above: Dinosaurs [sic], Chameleons
 Chicken Nakamura See site above: Birds, Chicken 1
 Crab Escher
 Deer Nakamura See site above: Animals, Deer
 Dinosaur - See Section 
 Dog - Daschund Sakuramederu
 Dog - Looking Back Nicolas
 Dog - Running Nakamura See site above: Animals, Dog 1
 Dog - Sitting Escher
 Dog - Standing Escher
 Dog - With Newspaper Scalfittura
 Dolphin Crompton
 Elephant Nakamura See site above: Animals, Elephants
 Ferret Nicolas
 Fish - Piranha Nicolas
 Fox Nakamura See site above: Animals, Foxs [sic] 1
 Frog - plan view Nicolas
 Frog - side view Nakamura See site above, Fish [sic], Frogs 2
 Frog - symmetrical Nicolas See book, p. 88
 Gazelle Nakamura See site above: Animals, Gazelle 2
 Giraffe Rausen
 Goat Nicolas See book, p.77
 Gorilla (Frontal) Nicolas See book, p.33  
 Hedgehog Crompton
 Hen Crompton See poster
 Horse Nakamura See site above: Animals,Horses 2
 Jaguar Ribault
 Jellyfish Sef
 Kiwi Williams
 Kangaroo - Profile Bilney
 Kangaroo - Frontal Raba
 Koala Bilney
 Llama Sakuramederu
 Lion Nakamura See site above: 
 Lizard Escher
 Lobster (Asymmetrical) Crompton
 Lobster (Symmetrical) Bilney See site above
 Moose Riesen
 Mouse Nakamura See site above: Animals,
 Monkey Nakamura See site above: Animals,
 Mosquito Nicolas
 Numbat Bilney See site above
 Octopus Nicolas See book, p.29
 Ostrich Sakuramederu
 Panda Torigoe
 Panther Nicolas
 Platypus Bilney See site above
 Penguin Nakamura See site above: 
 Pig Sakuramederu
 Rabbit Nakamura See site above: Animals, Rabbits 3
 Rats Nakamura See site above, Animals, Rats 1
 Reindeer Nakamura See site above: Animals, Reindeers [sic]
 Reptile Escher
 Rhinoceros Sakurmederu
 Sea Horse Escher
 Seal Wyniger
 Snail Reisen
 Sheep Nakamura See site above: Animals, Sheeps [sic]
 Skunk Torigoe
 Spider Nakamura See site above: 
 Squirrel Escher
 Starfish Sef
 Tortoise Riesen
 Turtle Wyniger
 Wasp Nicolas
 Whale (Killer) Lefelhocz
 Whale Sef
 Wild Boar Nakamura See site above: Animals, Wild Boar 1
 Wolf Nicolas
 Zebra Ribault

Table 2 - Extinct Prehistoric Creatures, Dinosaurs

 Extinct Prehistoric Creatures, Dinosaurs  
 Motif Artist  Source 
 Acanthostega (meaning 'spiny roof', stem-tetrapod) Torigoe Unpublished
 Anomaldcaris meaning 'unlike other shrimp', anomalocaridid) Torigoe Unpublished
 Archaeopteryx (First bird-like dinosaur)  D, T Torigoe Unpublished
 Allosaurus (Theropod, different lizard) Torigoe (No. 4)
 Ankylosaurus (armoured dinosaur) Torigoe Unpublished
 Archelon (Marine turtle, largest) Torigoe (No. 9)
 Brontosaurus (Sauropod, gigantic quadruped dinosaur) Dixon  Unpublished 
 Cephalaspis ('head shield' Fish) Dixon Unpublished
 Cladoselache (primitive shark) Torigoe Unpublished
 Climatius (meaning inclined fish or tilted fish) Torigoe Unpublished
 Coccosteus (meaning 'seed bone', arthrodire placoderm Torigoe Unpublished
 Concavenator (Theropod, 'Hunchback Hunter from Cuenca') Dixon Unpublished
 Corythosaurus (Hadrosaurid, helmet lizard )  Dixon Unpublished
 Criorhynchus (Pterosaur, flying reptile) Dixon Unpublished
 Cryptoclidus (Plesiosaur) Dixon Unpublished
 Drepanaspis (primitive jawless fish) Torigoe Unpublished
 Dipterus (Lungfish, meaning 'two wings' Torigoe Unpublished
 Edmontosaurus (Hadrosaurid, a duck-billed dinosaur) Dixon Unpublished
 Elasmosaurus (Long-neck Plesiosaur) D, T Dixon Unpublished
 Euoplocephalus (Ankylosaurian) Dixon Unpublished
 Eusthenopteron (Fish) D, T Dixon Unpublished
 Gemuendina (placoderm of the order Rhenanida) Torigoe Unpublished
 Gorgosaurus. (Tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur) Torigoe (No. 7)
 Hemicyclaspis (primitive jawless fish, meaning half-round shield)  Torigoe Unpublished
 Icthyosaurus (Fish-lizard) Torigoe Unpublished
 Ichthyostega (meaning 'fish roof', early genus of tetrapodomorphs) Torigoe Unpublished
 Jamoytius (primitive, eel-like jawless fish) Torigoe Unpublished
 Megalosaurus (Large meat-eating Theropod dinosuar) Torigoe (No. 2)
 Mosaurus (carnivorous aquatic squamates) Torigoe Unpublished
 Nipponites (genus of heteromorph ammonite) Torigoe Unpublished
 Orthoceras (meaning 'straight horn', nautiloid cephalopod Torigoe Unpublished
 Panderichthys (Sarcopterygian, lobe-finned fish) Torigoe Unpublished
 Pachycephalosaurus (Pachycephalosaurid dinosaur)
 Dixon Unpublished
 Pikaia (primitive chordate animal) Torigoe Unpublished
 Polacanthus (Ankylosaurian, armoured, spiked, plant-eating dinosaur) Dixon Unpublished
 Psittacosaurus (Ceratopsian dinosaur) Dixon Unpublished
 Pteraspis (meaning 'wing shield', jawless fishlike vertebrates  Torigoe Unpublished
 Pterodactyl (Flying Reptile) Dixon Unpublished
 Pterandon (Pterosaur, large flying reptile) Torigoe (No. 8)
 Pterygotus ((finned one or wing animal, aquatic arthropod) Torigoe Unpublished
 Rhamphorhynchus (Long-tailed Pterosaur) D, T Torigoe (No. 1)
 Spinosaurus (Therapod, spine lizard) Torigoe (No. 5)
 Stegosaurus (herbivorous thyreophoran dinosaur) , D, T Dixon Unpublished
 Thelodus (thelodont agnathan ) Torigoe Unpublished
 Triceratops (herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur) Torigoe (No. 6)
 Troodon ( bird-like dinosaur) Torigoe Unpublished
 Tyrannosaurus rex, Front (coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur) Dixon Unpublished
 Vetustovermis (meaning 'very old worm') Torigoe Unpublished

Table 3 - Human Figures

 Human Figures  
 Motif Artist Source
 American Footballer Teeters Article
 Artist Nicolas
 Banjo Player Nicolas
 Boxer Scalfittura
 Businessman      Nakamura See site above: Mankind, Rush Hour 1
 Chef Scalfittura
 Circus Strongman Wyniger
 Cowboy Nicolas
 Clown Nicolas
 Dancing Girl Nakamura See site above: Mankind, Dancer 5
 Deep Sea Diver Wyniger
 Diver Nicolas See book, p.84
 Fakir Nicolas
 Flamenco Dancer Nicolas
 Gangster Scalfittura
 Golfer Scalfittura
 Gunslinger Nicolas
 Guitarist Nicolas
 Ice Skater Nakamura See site above: Mankind,
 Jester Nicolas
 Judo Nicolas See book, p 87
 Karate Nicolas See book, p.17
 Knight with Raised Sword Scalfittura
 Mexico Girl Nicolas
 Mountaineer Nicolas
 Ninja Group
 Party Goer Nicolas
 Piper Nicolas See book, p.
 Runner Scalfittura
 Skier Nakamura See site above: Mankind,
 Spartan Warrior Scalfittura
 Singer Nicolas
 Surfer Scalfittura
 Swimmer Nakamura See site above: Mankind, Swimmer 1
 Symmetrical, Male Bailey No. 2
 Symmetrical, Female Bailey No.1
 Tennis Player Nicolas
 Unicyclist Nakamura See site above: Mankind,
 Waiter Scalfittura
 Witchdoctor Nicolas
 Viking Nicolas

Table 4 - Famous People

 Famous People  
 Motif Artist Source
 Monroe, Marilyn Hannah
 Presley, Elvis Nicolas

Table 5 - Fantasies

 Motif Artist Source
 Angel Bailey No.3
 Angel/Devil Escher
 Devil Nicolas
 Dragon Fathauer
 Fairy Nicolas
 Mermaid Nicolas
 Pegasus Escher

 Unicorn Escher
 Witch Nakamura See site above: Mankind,

Table 6 - Japanese Folklore

 Japanese Folklore  
 Motif Artist Source
 Nurarihyon Torigoe Unpublshed
 Ao-Bouzu Torigoe Unpublshed
 Fukuro-Mujina Torigoe Unpublshed
 Karakasa Torigoe Unpublshed
 Oni Torigoe Unpublshed


Table 7 - Countries

 Motif Artist Source
 Australia Bilney See site above
 France Crompton http//
 Great Britain Crompton http//
 USA Crompton http//

Table 8 - Food

Table 9 - Christmas

 Christmas Artist Source
 Santa Claus Nakamura See site above: Mankind, Santa 3
 Santa/Sled/Reindeer Scalfittura
 Christmas Tree David Facebook

Table 10 - Objects

 Motif Artist Source
 Arrow Sef
 Bells Sef
 Boat Nicolas
 Boxing Glove Sef
 Car Snels
 Chess Knight Nicolas See book, p.85
 Conical Flasks Sef
 Cup and Saucer Sef
 Fungi Sef
 Ice Cream Cone Sef
 Lips Sef
 Planes - Side view Sef
 Plane - Plan view Sef
 Playing Card Nicolas See book, p. 28
 Rockets Sef
 Roller Skates Sef
 Shell - Scallop Sef
 Shoe Sef
 Spade Sef
 Sphinx Crompton  
 Teapot Kaplan
 Tennis Racquet Sef
 Telephone, old Sef
 Test Tube Sef
 Training Shoe Sef
 Traffic Cone Sef
 Wine Glass Sef

Table 11 - Combinations, Themed

 Combinations, Themed  
 Motif Artist Source
 Bats/Owls Crompton
 Birds/Cats Nakamura  See site above, Birds-Cats
 Birds/Fish Nakamura See site above, Birds-Fish 4
 Cat/Dog Nicolas
 Cats/Fish Nakamura See site above, Cats-Fish 2
 Dog/Rabbit Nakamura See site above, Dogs-Rabbits 1
 Dolphin/Swimmer Nakamura See site above, Swimming 4
 Eagle/Rabbit Nakamura See site above, Animals, Rabbits-Eagles
 Fish/Seahorse Nakamura See site above,
 Fisherman holding a Fish Nomura
 Hunters/Rabbits Nakamura See site above Animals, Rabbits-Hunters
 Man/Dog Nicolas
 Motorbike/Rider (Profile) Leys
 Motorbike/Rider (Full on) Hannah

 Owl and Pussycat Sef
 Snake Charmer and Snake Scalfittura
 Shark/Swimmer Nakamura See site above, Mankind, Shark and Woman
 Shells/Starfish Escher

Table 12 - Combinations, non-themed

 Combinations, non-themed  
 Motif Artist Source
 Bear/Fish Group

 Bird/Gazelle Nakamura See site above, Animals, Gazelles
 Camel/Pandas Group

 Cat/Candle Nicolas
 Dancer/Rabbit Nakamura See site above, Mankind, Girls/Rabbits
 Gorilla/Dog Group

 Horse/Bird Nakamura See site above, Animals, Horses-Birds 3

Table 13 - Heads

Table 14 - Tile Specific

 Tile Specific   
 Tile Motif Artist Source
 Ammann A1 Tiles (Modified) Fish and Shells Nicolas
 Cairo Tiling Human Nicolas
 Danzer Triangle Tilings Birds Nicolas
 Grunbaum Hypersymmetric Bird Bailey
 Penrose P1 (Six Tiles) Birds and Flowers Nicolas
 Penrose P2 (Kite and Dart) Two Birds Nicolas
 Penrose P3 (Thin and Thick Rhomb) Bird and Fish Bailey
 Penrose Wheelbarrow Bird Bailey
 Pólya C4 Bird Bailey
 Robinson Tiles (Modified) Fish and Shells Nicolas
 Voderberg Spiral Bird Crompton

Table 15 - Cartoon Characters

Table 16 - Comic Book Characters

 Comic Book Characters  
 Motif         Artist Source
 Batman Nomura
 Captain America Nomura
 Incredible Hulk Group

 Superman Scalfittura

Table 17 - Miscellaneous

 Motif Artist Source
 Linux Mascot Kaplan
 Godzilla Nomura
 Gundam Nomura

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