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A collection of instances of wall tiles, mostly ceramic tiles, mostly used as interior design, such as bathrooms. Quite how best to order these is subject to review. As a broad statement, these are commercial products, with the company, if of a large concern, typically exporting worldwide. Should it be placed under the country of the manufacturer, or where so found? There are pros and cons to both. For now at least, I place under the country of installation.

Malaysia, Guocera Company

From their website:

With nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience, Guocera is the tile brand of choice in over 50 countries from the America and Europe to the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Guocera is one of Malaysia’s largest manufacturers and exporter of tiles.

Poland, Huguet tiles, of Mallorca, Spain 
Installed at the Polish city of  Szczecin of a newly built philharmonic orchestra, 2014

© Manena Huguet

Spain, DSIGNIO, and Peronda Group

As such, this instance is a collaboration between two Spanish concerns, DSIGNIO, an integral design studio and Peronda Group, a manufacturer of ceramic wall and floor tiles. In short, DSIGNIO did the designing, whilst Peronda Group the manufacturing. In more detail, DSIGNIO is a Madrid, Spanish integral design studio, starting its activities in 2002, and has received several awards and mentions. Peronda Group is a manufacturer of ceramic wall and floor tiles. This includes the brands Peronda Ceramicas, Museum, Harmony, Duomo and Kerum. The group has sales offices in Spain and abroad. Their origins date back to the 19th century. However, this joint production is of a more modern nature, of 2015.

© Patxi Cotarelo, DSIGNIO, KIN ceramics

UK, Arndale Centre, Manchester

Installation, at the Arndale Centre, ManchesterUK. The centre is well known in the UK as a major shopping centre, and is one of the biggest.  However, so far, nothing is known as to the installation, beyond the year, 2017. An unexplained feature is the largely randomised dark and light arrangement, without any discernable structure.
    My thanks to Tung Ken Lam for drawing this sighting to my attention.

© Tung Ken Lam

Another, so far unique instance, at least in combination, is that of flooring and wall tiles from First Base Pizzeria, of the Paddocks Shopping Centre, Cape TownSouth Africa. This is a splendid sight indeed, of a multiple six-colouring, albeit without any apparent structure and appears to be of a modern-day installation, of 2016. This was designed by Inhouse Brand Architects, although the story behind its installation is unknown. Disappointingly, upon asking for picture permission and more details the architects did not respond, as well as a request to the (independent) photographer, Riaan West, hence the lack of pictures and more exact detail.

Essentially originally created as 'Ceramic Tiling': 11 November 2015, with KIN Ceramics. 12 November 2015 Huguet. 
Re-organised 4 April 2019 under changed title, 'As Ceramics' as part of a new themed series of the 'Cairo Tiling As...' instances. Re-organised short;y afterwards once more, re-titled as 'Wall Coverings', to better reflect the purpose, rather than the (ceramic) material, which can, I believe, apply to both floor and wall.
3 June 2019. Guocera text and link added.
12 June 2019. DSIGNIO and Peronda Group text added