Fish 1 - Geometric and/or Arcs

Fish 1 consists of examples with a geometrical and/or arc outline.

A noticeable feature of this particular tessellation is that despite the fishes outline being so simple (based upon a square, with two sides of this retained), and indeed, it could hardly be any simpler, the fish motif remains most impressive. As such, an exemplary example of how simple a given, arbitrary tessellation can be, and yet remain so suitable for life-like motifs.

A minimum of two colours is required, with arbitrary core colours of brown and blue chosen. The colouration around the eye of the fish is so planned that each is a ‘colour negative' of the two-colour given colouring scheme, with the technique known as ‘wet in wet'. Such niceties in variety thereby intrinsically add to the tessellation, as such colouration makes a refreshing change from the simplistic, somewhat stark, one colour for each motif approach.



Again, yet another example of an intrinsically simple outline being more than suitable for a motif, in this instance an example of fishes.

A minimum of two colours is required. A pleasing aspect to this is the colour innovation, of which although of an apparently simple nature, has nonetheless additional subtleties. Again, it is of a ‘colour negative' type, of which a very nice secondary effect can be seen. Upon trying out various colour studies, a sinuous type of colouring was found to be possible, as shown, in effect echoing the fish theme, and as such thus complements the motif. Again, a pleasing variation that in an aesthetic sense is far superior to a simplest two-colouring.