Birds 9 - Black and White

Birds 9 consist of motifs as according to colour, more specifically of black and white, rather than type. This is thus somewhat of an arbitrary category, of which arguably the motifs would be better placed under their respective types. However, as black and white colouring is so striking, these are thus grouped together.






As such a motif of considerable quality, as the indentations of the tile, albeit of a simple nature, prove admirably suitable for a bird motif, as shown, albeit still not quite as good in an aesthetic sense as of the ‘Pólya' tile with a similar constructional nature.

A pleasing additional aspect to this tile is that further complexities are possible, of a subdivided nature, as shown by Birds 4 No. 2. Additionally, due to the tile possessing order 4 rotational symmetry, it is possible to place the motif in four orientations, as shown by Birds 1 No.7.

This and the following is based upon the ‘Pólya' tile outline, of which the main purpose is to show how, when the symmetry is appropriate, different ‘placements' of the motif are possible. The example here is of the translational type, with the lower one of order 4 rotational symmetry.

For comments pertaining to this, see No.4.

This is based upon a Greek cross, with the motifs shown in an arbitrarily translational placement, as others are possible, as mentioned above. The main point of interest here is that this example shows two possible viewpoints, of what I term as ‘under' and ‘over', of which these two aspects are combined in the composition.

This example is based upon a commonly known tessellating geometrical outline, usually described as a ‘pinwheel,' and so consequently, the finding of a motif for this is of more than normal interest than with any arbitrary tessellation. As such, a bird motif is indeed possible, as shown, albeit on this occasion it leaves a lot to be desired, to say the least. Indeed, the motif here is at the border of what I would deem as acceptable, and as such is only just worthy of the description, as the bird is somewhat ill proportioned and awkward, due to the angularity of the outline. However, due to the desirable factor of finding a motif for such a ‘familiar' tile as the ‘pinwheel,' such ‘shortcomings' can override the quality aspect on occasions, of which this here admirably demonstrates. Concerning the symmetry of the tessellation, it can be seen to be of the order 4 type, with the motif thus having the possibility to be placed in four distinct ways, in effect ‘fulfilling its potential'.


Again, this is based upon another well-known geometrical tessellation, usually described as a maple leaf for obvious reasons, of which as previously mentioned is of more than normal interest for the addition of a motif, even of a non-related nature, as here. Again, a bird motif of sorts is possible, albeit this is even more borderline than with No.7. Indeed, its at the very limit of acceptability, and ideally I would reflect before contemplating showing this as a finished piece as here. However, due to its ‘special nature' I include nonetheless.

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