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The second of two pages on tessellations as actual pavements, and related aspects, of which the first has as its premise images from around the world, and the second, a miscellany, covering more topics but rather of a less extensive extent, that quite simply do not justify distinct pages. As with the first page, just as this expanded in its remit, so possibly will this miscellany section, and of which if a specific entry is deemed deserving of a more dedicated treatment, this will thus have a more focused page.

Some of the people mentioned here I have attempted to contact, at least where there contact details are relatively easy to find. Some such as John Knapton replied. Others did not, such as Guy Shachar. As ever, I am more than wiling to receive correspondence on any of the below, from past or unknown people with an interest in this.

Video Links


3 minutes 52 seconds. Making of the ‘dumbbell’ type; just watch the first thirty seconds, the same thing happens throughout!


3 minutes 30 seconds. Making of the ‘wavy hexagon’ type; again, just watch the first thirty seconds, the same thing happens throughout! This paving is very common in India, widely seen.


26 seconds. Wavy rectangle moulds, side by side


43 seconds. A machine making the ‘wavy rectangles’, eight units at a time

Srikrishnaplasto company in India


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Srikrishnaplasto company in India


Road Transport



Hong Kong, by Dennis Hodgson.

Kyrgyzstan by Ian Claytor. http://ianbek.kg/?p=23165 A blog posting on the many geometric pavements in the capital (and largest city) of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
Armenia and Kyrgyzstan by Guy Shacher. https://guyshachar.com/en/2017/soviet-pavement-tiles/ The website of Guy Shacher, titled 'Multidisciplinary view of the world', with of most interest the page titled 'Soviet pavement tiles – walking on repetitive geometry' as seen on his travels in (non-neighbouring) Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately, the distinction between the two countries is not made clear. A mail to him went unanswered.


London, UK, by Ian.

Sofia, Bulgaria
On the yellow coloured paving in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia

Cairo, Egypt, by John Wilford
Oldest paved road, about 2600 to 2200 B.C.

São Paulo, Brazil
On the paving shaped like an outline of São Paulo


Waintraub, Tatiana and Waldemar Celes. ‘Modelling the Copacabana Sidewalk Pavement’. Published in 25th SIBGRAPI Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images, 2012.

Advanced modelling of the Copacabana paving. A lot of Voronoi diagrams. In short, highly technical, and save for the introduction of no real interest.

John Knapton
By John Knapton, of the UK, who is a world-leading authority on the technicalities of pavements. Most of the pages reflect his technical interest, and lack the visual appeal and historical matters that I broadly seek. However, there are a few pages that possess this feature, as above.

Michael Glickman.

‘The G-Block System of Vertically Interlocking Paving’. Second International Conference of Concrete Block Paving. Delft April 10-12, 1984 


Glickman, of McCauley Corporation Limited, UK, appears to be an authority on the subject. Also see his patents, with many interesting tilings, especially of a modified hexagon, forming a chevron with many different placements. Does anyone know of Glickman? Contact details appear unavailable.The first of two papers of his I have. This is the more technical, on 'G-Blocks' (although I fail to see why these are so named). Strictly, there is nothing here of direct interest.


‘Pattern, Texture and Geometry in the Paved Surface’. Proc. Third International Conference On Concrete Block Paving, 1988?. 71-74 (29 July 2014)

Despite the title, begins with a brief history of paving, with the Romans. The more interesting of his papers. Shows the 'wavy rectangle'. Only of mild interest.


Raymond S. Rollings. Concrete Block Pavements March 1983, 1-121


A technical report, for the US. Somewhat technical in places, whilst in others highly readable. Occasional illustrations. Not an easy read in finding aspects of direct interest

Dion Holland


Wood Pavements
On the originator of wood pavements, Samuel Nicolson

'From Tiling the Plane to Paving Town Square', by Judith Flagg Moran and Kim Williams, pp. 5-21 in Mathematics and Culture II  2005, by Michele Emmer (ed.)
Mostly on Cosmati pavements 5-16, of lesser interest, with bricks, in Birmingham, UK, by Tess Jaray 16-21

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