David Bailey

Parquet Deformations of David Bailey 

Below I show some examples of my own that I consider ‘aesthetic’ (dating from 1987), numbering about 100, but possibly extending to about 200 works. These are mostly square-based, with on occasion based on equilateral triangles and hexagons. Note that this is very much a work in progress; I am in the process of redrawing existing hand-drawn examples in Rhino, of which I will add here at short intervals, with later accompanying text.

Referencing each work is problematical. I have so many that it is impractical to name/title these in the same imaginative way that Huff did with his students work. A simple description of the beginning and end tiles, such as squares to right-angled triangles soon runs into repeats, with confusion thus arising. What is needed is a unique identifier. To this end, each instance is refenced by a date. e.g., 23.5.1989 with an additional number if there is more than one for any one date, e.g. 23.5.1989 (1). This at least enables me to find the parquet deformation easily in my chronologically arranged files! Further, not all of these were drawn out as a finished work at the time, which complicates matters somewhat. Be that as it may, the date given is at least an indication of when that work was at least initiated. Alluding to the dates, each work is thus placed chronologically for the sake of general order.



1.6.1989 (1)

1.6.89 (2)


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